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Samsung Semiconductor Opens New Folsom Location

Samsung Semiconductor has announced the opening of its newest office in Folsom. The news of the tech giant planting roots in the city came Thursday afternoon as Folsom Mayor Mike Koslowski closed his 2024 State of the City speech to a sold out crowd at Lakeside Church. “We’re excited to announce that Samsung Semiconductor is opening a brand new office, right here in Folsom,” said Koslowski. “This strategic move strengthens Folsom’s position as a city of choice for businesses and allows the city to harness local talent, fueling innovation in the semiconductor industry.” Koslowski shared that the facility will, “contain an research and development  (R&D) hub like no other,” featuring an Advanced Compute Lab and an Advanced Controller Development team. Keep Reading This Article at the Fol...[Read More]

Gizmodo’s Degrees of the Future

In the 1950s, a visionary college student might have pursued a degree in computer science, and helped create our modern digital world. In the 1990s, that same student might have studied biotechnology, and developed genetic engineering techniques that are solving today’s health crises. But what and where should a forward-thinking student study in 2022? To find out, Gizmodo partnered with the independent market research provider Statista to identify the top universities within fields of study that we believe will define the 21st century. We looked for programs offering the best education in 25 disciplines, and we asked actual students and practitioners in each field to tell us which schools are leading the way. Click here for a detailed methodology. Keep reading this article at

There’s Been a 70% Uptick in Redfin.Com Users Looking to Relocate to Sacramento and Las Vegas Since Last Year

Nationwide, 28.5% of users looked to move to another metro area in October, up from 24.9% a year before and a slight decline from 29.2% in the third quarter. This is according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. Sacramento, Las Vegas and Phoenix were the most popular destinations for people looking to move to a different metro area in October, with higher net inflows than any other major U.S. metro. A net inflow means more people are looking to move in than leave, while a net outflow means more people are looking to leave than move in. Keep reading this article at