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California’s EDD faces questions from Congress on state’s unemployment fraud

The California Employment Development Department found itself on the receiving end of a letter from Congress demanding documents and explaining why the state saw, what the letter called, “the worst unemployment fraud in the nation during the pandemic.” The letter was sent Friday by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which flipped to Republican control after the party took the chamber during the midterm elections and installed Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, as speaker after a days-long battle on the House floor. Keep Reading This Article at

The Future of Food—CRISPR Crops That Capture Carbon

There is a push to use CRISPR to make agricultural technologies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air and store it better in the soil. With the help of CRISPR technology, scientists are making gene edited plant varieties that are better at storing carbon and don’t have the traits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are made with transgenes. Many research projects have sprung up to enhance biological carbon sequestration and thereby help restore balance to the carbon cycle and prevent further buildup of CO2 in the atmosphere. For example, carbon sequestration research is being conducted at the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), an organization founded by Nobel laureate Jennifer A. Doudna, PhD. In June 2022, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative gave $11 million to the IGI to he...[Read More]

California forces companies to show pay on job listings, revealing big tech salaries

A new law that went into effect this week requires most California employers to disclose salaries on job listings. The law affects every company with more than 15 employees looking to fill a job that could be performed from the state of California. It covers hourly and temporary work, all the way up to openings for highly paid technology executives. That means it’s now possible to know the salaries top tech companies pay their workers. For example: A program manager in Apple’s augmented reality group will receive base pay between $121,000 and $230,000 per year, according to an Apple posting Wednesday. A midcareer software engineer at Google Health can expect to make between $126,000 and $190,000 per year. A director of software engineering at Meta leading teams building network...[Read More]

Considering a Tracker Next Time You Fly? Here’s How They Work and Your Baggage Rights as a Traveler

Losing luggage during a trip can easily ruin vacation plans. With recent Southwest cancellations and thousands of unclaimed pieces of luggage at airport terminals, luggage tracking technologies may become a no brainer when traveling. Based on the most recent Air Travel Consumer report, in November, 2,157,470 bags were mishandled in the U.S. in 2022. That is a 37% increase from 2021 in either stolen, damaged or lost bags. Thankfully, new technologies like luggage tracking devices are making it easier to identify where you bags are going at all times. Keep Reading This Article at

California’s heat wave was a life-or-death situation. Then the state used a ‘tool of absolute last resort’

It was 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 6, and Californians were using more electricity than ever before. Soon the sun would begin to set, taking solar energy production with it. If things got bad, the operator might have to order rolling blackouts, which would plunge hundreds of thousands of people into darkness and turn off everything from air conditioners to lifesaving medical equipment. Conditions were not promising. Out on the deck of the state grid operator’s headquarters in Folsom (Sacramento County), the mercury reached 116 degrees — close to an all-time record for Northern California. CEO Elliot Mainzer had never felt anything like it. “The heat was just infernal,” he recalled. Keep Reading This Article at

12 Incredible UC Research Breakthroughs in 2022

Another year is very nearly in the books — and when it comes to the work that UC researchers have accomplished in 2022, that book is quite the page-turner. Just this year, UC researchers released the first complete, gapless sequence of the human genome; developed applications for Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology to fight climate change; and kicked off an ingenious pilot project to cover California’s canals with solar panels. They’ve also learned how we focus, shed light into the importance of social relationships, and even identified the source of hair loss. To top it all off, the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) just announced that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility achieved fusion ignition — a major sc...[Read More]

Self-Driving Taxis Are Causing All Kinds of Trouble in San Francisco

When transit systems experience delays, the reason usually isn’t very interesting: congested streets, medical emergencies, mechanical problems. But the cause of a recent holdup on San Francisco’s MUNI system at least had the virtue of being novel. On Sept. 30 at around 11 p.m., an N Line streetcar ground to a halt at the intersection of Carl Street and Cole Street because an autonomous vehicle from Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, had halted on the streetcar tracks and wouldn’t budge. According to the city’s transportation department, the 140 passengers riding the N line that evening were stuck in place for seven minutes before a Cruise employee arrived and moved the driverless conveyance. (Cruise did not respond to questions about what happened that night.) Keep reading this articl...[Read More]

Sacramento Kings file trademark for nickname inspired by victory beam

The Sacramento Kings have filed to trademark a nickname for the team that emerged during their seven-game winning streak in November. The team filed an application to trademark BEAMTEAM on Nov. 21, according to a search on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registry website. The application, which is currently pending, was filed a day after the Kings defeated the Detroit Pistons 137-129. If the Kings acquire the trademark, the team would have legal rights to the nickname on merchandise and anything related to basketball and the franchise. Keep Reading This Article at

SaaS Startup: EyeRate

EyeRate is a communication platform that aligns employee incentives with customer engagement, helping businesses improve their reputations across their digital channels. The SaaS company was founded by Sacramento natives and is headquartered in Elk Grove. EyeRate has been able to grow in Greater Sacramento thanks to the region’s tech talent, community resources and employee experience. Keep reading This Article at

Italian Robotics Company Chooses Sacramento as Site of New U.S. Headquarters

Sacramento, California, November 15, 2022 —A rise in demand among companies to find new future mobility solutions has inspired SIR Robotics Inc., an Italian robotics company, to establish a U.S. business unit to serve North America. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) worked with SIR Robotics to locate its U.S. headquarters at the California Mobility Center (CMC) in Sacramento. SIR has identified North America as a major growth market and will need a local sales and service subsidiary where it can support existing customers and expand its presence with new ones. SIR (Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate – Robotic Industrial Solutions) designs and manufactures robotic systems for the automotive and aerospace industries since 1984, the year in which it was founded by Mr. Luciano Pass...[Read More]

UC Davis to Develop AI for Breast Cancer Detection, Risk Prediction

University of California Davis researchers have received a $15 million, five-year grant renewal from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to fund artificial intelligence (AI) projects aimed at improving breast cancer screening and risk prediction while reducing health disparities. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among United States women and is the second leading cause of death from cancer among women. However, the disease burden of breast cancer varies across racial and ethnic groups, with disparities reported in rates of diagnosis, second cancers, and deaths. Keep Reading This Article at

Tesla gives Full-Self Driving demo to state agency, tries to keep critics away

Tesla Inc. demonstrated a beta version of its driver-assistance system for California transportation officials, including outside consultants the automaker previously sought to bar from the event. The demo of the system Tesla markets as Full Self-Driving was held last week at the Sacramento headquarters of the Department of Motor Vehicles, according to emails Bloomberg viewed via a public records request. Also at the Oct. 26 event were a representative of the Highway Patrol, a deputy secretary with the state transportation agency and three outside advisers for the DMV. Keep Reading This Article at