With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility, Experts Say

Gov Tech

If governments are going to collect data on citizens, they need to understand the responsibilities that lie therein. That was the overarching message during a data privacy discussion at the 2020 Public Sector CIO Academy Thursday in Sacramento, Calif.

Panelists from a range of backgrounds shared their experiences of how and when data should be stored or shared. Michael Wilkening, special adviser on innovation and digital services to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, said that IT leaders should view the data collected from various services as their duty to protect, and in the case of sensitive data, something to be shared only when justifiable.

“As we’re starting to use that data, what are the implications there? Are you gathering information for enrollment purposes or administrative purposes?” Wilkening asked the audience. “I’m not seeing us crossing the lines and using the data in ways that we shouldn’t.

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