Rancho Cordova scientists hope to market coronavirus treatment to hospitals in 2 months

Scientists in the Sacramento area believe they have developed a way to keep the new coronavirus from finding the doorknob that it typically turns to enter human lung cells.

Chris Xu, the CEO of Rancho Cordova-based ThermoGenesis, said the biopharmaceutical treatment could go to market within two months.

“We are so advanced at this because we leveraged our unique global resources,” Xu said. “When this epidemic started to surface in Asia, we have several top universities in China where we collaborate and developed the science behind this and did the screening. So now we are probably at least four to six months ahead of any other comparable research institution here (in the US).”

In addition, the company is now marketing a diagnostic kit that will allow health care professionals to tell patients whether they’ve already had COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, and have developed antibodies that can help fight the disease, Xu said. The company also is requesting federal approval to market this kit directly to consumers

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