Raley’s reins in shrinkage from expired products

West Coast grocer rolls out date check system to all stores

Raley’s expects a sizable reduction in product shrinkage with the chainwide deployment of expiration date management software.

The West Coast supermarket chain has implemented Date Check Pro from Pinpoint Software Inc. following a successful pilot of the solution in the Sacramento, Calif., area division last spring.

Raley’s said it adopted the system after determining that a technology-based solution supporting inventory management would aid ongoing efforts to provide customers with the freshest and highest-quality products. Previously, the West Sacramento-based retailer took a more operational approach to flag out-of-code items by bolstering team member training and auditing processes to best manage disposal of expiring products.

Date Check Pro provides real-time updates and proactive notifications on close-dated inventory, establishing more consistency and accountability versus traditional rotation and spot-checking methods, in which out-of-date items can be missed by human error, according to Raley’s. In turn, the grocery chain said it’s able to ensure that it’s offering shoppers the freshest products and recoup savings on what would have been expired shrink.

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