New rideshare service with only Teslas comes to Sacramento

Tesla Rideshare

The goal of Go360 is to provide first- and last-mile pooling services for daily commuters.

The rideshare only serves downtown and midtown Sacramento, aiming to help users make that short connection between home and public transportation.

The company promises wait times of less than 5 minutes, and they’re doing it in Teslas.

“The Tesla APIs allow us to control the climate and music, so we are integrating those services into our ride-hailing app,” said Sravan Puttagunta, with Go360.

Go360 operates on a subscription basis. You get four rides a day, which you can share with others. Rides work out to $2.50 each.

“We have a rider base that has a much higher daily active usage compared to a normal person who uses Uber or Lyft,” Puttagunta said.

Go360 is also collecting a massive amount of data on Sacramento streets that will become the digital highway for self-driving cars — the next step in ride-share mobility.

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