Modern Stadium Experiences Are Here, and They’re Cool as Hell

Imagine sitting far back in the bleachers of a basketball game but being able to see the action on the court, via a hologram, as clearly as if you were sitting in the front row. Or imagine getting up at half-time to grab a snack from the concession stand and checking an app on your phone to find the line with the shortest wait time. These are only a few of the ways that technology—powered by 5G—has started to revolutionize the way we watch sports, both on the court and at home.

In a new study commissioned by Amdocs, a software and services provider, researchers found that consumers under the age of 35 preferred watching sports programs through streaming video—and that they were willing to pay more for an immersive, high-quality streaming experience. For this reason, service providers are now scrambling to implement 5G technology into their sports content. According to Amdocs, 87 percent of network operators are planning to unroll 5G streaming at sporting events in the future.


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