Local Computing Innovation Opens Programming to All

“One guest, after spending time at Dynamicland, held up his smartphone and shouted, ‘This thing is a prison!’”

Computing is a relatively new feature of our modern lives, despite the ubiquity of phones and laptops. The more the computers can do, the less we want to do with them. With an innovative, human centric approach to computing, DynamicLand is pushing the envelope for what computers are capable of and opening our eyes to a new era of technological possibilities.

Imagine this:  Arts and crafts supplies on a table, surrounded by children and their parents. Lights dazzle on the surface of their table, commanded by intricate patterns of hundreds of multicolored NFC tags (An NFC tag is a sticker with small microchips that can be read by in-range mobile devices). Though nobody in this scene has worked with computers before, they are all learning; the adults more so than their kids.

At DynamicLand, anybody of any age can walk in and quickly learn how to program. The tactile nature of the activities is great for education, and the physical space being used allows for a lot of room for out-of-the box thinking.

Instead of invisible binary, DynamicLand’s computers are made with paper and NFC tags. Dynamicland mixes the physical world with the virtual, using stickers and clay to bring to life a world of lights and colors that is centered on humans. The social experience of programming real things with your friends is perhaps the most human part of DynamicLand.

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