How California uses tech, partnerships to nail trucking emissions violators

  • Data mining, sensors, and other software and hardware solutions are changing the way California air quality regulators are enforcing trucking emissions regulations.
  • Partnerships with local and national enforcement agencies to catch emissions violations also on the rise.

The tech revolution that has hit the trucking industry over the past decade is likewise reshaping the way air quality regulators do their job.

A slew of telematics services have come on board to help fleets monitor operations, including emissions control systems. Simultaneously, data collection and sensor tools are giving regulators better visibility into fleets violating emissions regulations, yielding more efficient and effective enforcement.

“Historically, we would be out in the field doing individual truck inspections, and then we would do fleet audits,” said Heather Quiros, chief of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Diesel Programs Enforcement Branch.

“We’re trying to get a bigger bang for our buck,” she said.

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