How AI helped California’s DMV adapt to COVID closures

Intelligent document processing has helped the California Department of Motor Vehicles overcome challenges associated with COVID-related field office closures.

“When the offices were closed, we established a virtual field office for our customers where they could request certain services that we could provide remotely,” said Ajay Gupta, chief digital transformation officer at DMV. For paperwork that customers must still submit as a physical document such as vehicle titles for title transfers, DMV set up a digital mailroom using intelligent document processing tools from ABBYY, a digital intelligence company.

The original documents get to DMV in two ways: Customers may submit most documentation via an upload feature supported by automated document classification and extraction from ABBYY, or DMV officials can scan them in. Either way, the documents go through an artificial intelligence-based process for extracting the data, classifying the documents and posting them to the department’s Salesforce-based virtual field office case management system where they interact with bots.

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