Covid-19 Exposes Health System Vulnerabilities, Role Of Digital Health Platforms In Addressing Them

Among many other things, Covid-19 has illustrated just how fragmented the U.S. healthcare system is and the lack of meaningful health information exchange capabilities at-scale between and among different stakeholders. The pandemic has also exposed the egregious lack of investment in the country’s public health infrastructure to date, the challenge of private and public institutions having to innovate at breakneck speeds, and the way in which technology platforms are bridging the gap.

While not all fragmentation in healthcare is ‘bad’ — more independent physicians practices are a good thing when it comes to improving healthcare access and bringing down costs, for example — healthcare’s disparate, siloed nature is incredibly problematic when trying to coordinate activities, information and logistics related to Covid-19. These efforts include vaccine appointment scheduling, public health reporting, standards development and compliance, and helping providers reach and better engage vulnerable and at-risk populations.

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