California forces companies to show pay on job listings, revealing big tech salaries

A new law that went into effect this week requires most California employers to disclose salaries on job listings.

The law affects every company with more than 15 employees looking to fill a job that could be performed from the state of California. It covers hourly and temporary work, all the way up to openings for highly paid technology executives.

That means it’s now possible to know the salaries top tech companies pay their workers. For example:

  • A program manager in Apple’s augmented reality group will receive base pay between $121,000 and $230,000 per year, according to an Apple posting Wednesday.
  • A midcareer software engineer at Google Health can expect to make between $126,000 and $190,000 per year.
  • A director of software engineering at Meta leading teams building network infrastructure will make at least $253,000 and as much as $327,000 in salary per year.

Notably, these salary listings do not include any bonuses or equity grants, which many tech companies use to attract and retain employees.

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