California Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro’s New Data Strategy

Joy Bonaguro, California’s Chief Data Officer (CDO), recently unveiled a high-level plan to revamp California’s data systems. The mission of the CDO is to “empower use of data by ensuring the state has the infrastructure, processes, and people to manage, access and use data efficiently, effectively, securely, and responsibly.”

In order to meet the CDO’s mission, Bonaguro organizes the new Data Strategy by goals and objectives. The goals are broadly positive, highlighting general areas for improvement. These goals are:

  1. Streamlining Data Access,
  2. Improving Data Management and Governance, and
  3. Spurring Data Use & Ability.

Streamlining Data Access focuses on the technical aspects of the plan – the things that must be coded. Improving Data Management & Governance aims at standardizing and integrating various systems, while Spurring Data Use & Ability, ensures that the state workforce has the tools and skills to make use of the data.

CDO Bonaguro’s objectives are more concrete, precise targets that lay the foundations for achieving the three higher level, long-term goals.

  1. Create Enduring Longitudinal Data Sets.
  2. Assess Statewide Open Data Efforts.
  3. Develop Authoritative Data Management Practices.
  4. Implement Interagency Data Exchange.
  5. Ensure Ethical Data Governance and Management.
  6. Assess Need for Data Skills.
  7. Revisit Data Related Job Classifications.
  8. Encourage use of Data Science and Advanced Analytics.
  9. Foster “Data Communities.”
  10. Establish Data Evidence & Workgroups.

This Data Strategy requires a significant amount of work to complete.  While there are existing efforts to streamline data, such as the Interagency Data Exchange Agreement, this Data Strategy seems to be the state’s most comprehensive attempt at a complete “data landscape.”  This data landscape should provide for better decisions, services, and outcomes for Californians through better use of data.

See the new California Data Strategy here.