California Can Tackle the COVID-19 Testing Problem With Technology and Entrepreneurship


What keeps troubling me in all this is the lack of coordination with the most obvious actors who can drive positive change: technologists

Hat-tip to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who this weekend admitted what he’d been avoiding in his public remarks during the pandemic lockdown thus far: We’ve failed dismally on testing patients to confirm a diagnosis of COVID-19. “I own that,” he said during his daily press briefing, addressing the testing issue. “I have a responsibility as your governor to do better.”

With the entire of state of 40 million people entering a fourth week in lockdown, yes, he does. And it starts with that admission.

Why does it matter? Despite the benefit of early stay-at-home orders in the most populous state in the union, we have no prayer of leaving our homes and going back to work, sending our kids back to school and getting the economy restarted until we have widespread testing. We simply must know where infection is highest, where immunity might be emerging, where clusters of infection are rife and also where infection is low or on the decline.

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