Website Architecture Assessment

A.     Scope and Description

The PWS Architecture Assessment focuses on defining architectural strategies and technical approaches for evolving the current Lottery public website (PWS) into an advanced website and digital services platform. Effort centers around evaluating the PWS architecture and its infrastructure and defining a future state. Deliverables include architectural models, associated diagrams, strategic documents, and related content that will be part of a vendor library for a future implementation procurement.

Task 1:   Document the Current State of the Lottery’s Public Website, Azure Cloud Infrastructure, and Mobile Solutions

Evaluate the architecture of the existing public website, mobile solutions, and DevOps processes. Identify technologies used to develop and deploy the digital services and opportunities, weaknesses, and risks. Develop a model in the Lottery’s Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect modeling software to document all components and relationships. Use the model to create those views necessary to visually depict the findings.


  1. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect model of the current state architecture
  2. Diagrams (architecture views) of the current state architecture
  3. Current state executive summary and white paper providing a narrative of findings

Task 2:   Create a Conceptual Future State PWS Platform Architecture

Based on the findings and deliverables from Task 1, define a conceptual future state for the PWS Platform that is aligned to the Lottery’s strategic plan and the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) IT Strategy.


  1. Cloud architecture and implementation strategy
  2. Diagrams (architecture views) of the future state for the PWS Platform website, Azure cloud infrastructure, and mobile solutions.

Task 3:   Define a PWS Platform Technical Approach

Define the technical approaches to realizing the vision of the Lottery PWS Platform created in Task 2. Define a service delivery strategy; technology strategies, including recommended technical stacks; and a plan for migrating from the current state to the digital services platform.


  1. Service Delivery Strategy
  2. Technical Management Strategy
  3. Data Management Strategy
  4. High-level Migration/Transition Plan

Task 4: PWS Platform RFO Components

Recommend architecture and technical content for the development of the PWS Platform RFO. Examples of effort under this task includes architecture requirements and patterns, project team composition and qualifications, and recommended vendor qualifications. California Lottery plans to create a vendor library for the future procurement. Modify or restructure, as appropriate, deliverables produced in previous tasks to be placed in the vendor library.


  1. Content for PWS Platform RFO Components such as high-level Architecture Requirements and Patterns, Project Team Composition and Qualifications, and Recommended Vendor Qualifications
  2. Vendor Library Content