Web Accessibility Assessment

This Contract is entered into by and between the Client Department, hereinafter
referred to as the Client, and (company name), hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, for the purpose
of the Contractor providing a minimum of one consulting resource to perform Web Accessibility
Assessment Services.
The Client shall designate a Single Point of Contact, hereinafter referred to as the SPOC, who shall give
direction to the Contractor concerning the assigned tasks. The SPOC will work collaboratively with the
Client Management Team, Program Manager, Functional Managers, and technical staff to ensure that all
deliverables are satisfactorily completed. The SPOC shall be the Contract Manager who shall ensure
that all Contract activities are conducted in accordance with State law and regulations; oversee
processes and procedures; and monitor the Contractor.
The purpose of this Contract is to acquire assistance from a qualified Information Technology (IT)
Consulting Firm to provide consulting services. The Consultant shall perform an accessibility
assessment on Client web sites and applications included in
the project scope to measure compliance with the Section 508 refresh standards for web accessibility,
which incorporate by reference Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA Guidelines, in
accordance with California Department of Technology (CDT), Technology Letter (TL) 18-05 (attached
as Attachment B-6).
The Contractor will provide a minimum of one Consultant resource to perform Web Accessibility
Assessment Services. The Consultant will act as an advisor to Client management on accessibility
laws, regulations, and guidelines. Primary support will include conducting an accessibility assessment
of the Client web sites and presenting findings and recommendations.
The Contractor shall perform comprehensive independent Web Accessibility Assessment and provide
Remediation Recommendations for the following websites using tools such as JAWS, Dragon,
ZoomText, etc.:
• Client website,
• Client Agency website,
• Client website, and
• Taxes.ca.gov
Consultant services will also provide technical knowledge transfer to the Client staff on the planning,
preparation, execution and the use of test tools such as, but not limited to, common assistive
technologies such as screen readers and magnifiers and employ in-browser accessibility tools, such
as JAWS, WAVE, Dragon, ZoomText, and aXe.
Reference Section 9 of this Statement of Work (SOW) for a description of the high-level Tasks and
Deliverables to be provided during the term of the contract.

Contractor high-level Tasks and Deliverables are described in Section 9 of this SOW. All tasks and
activities shall be performed in accordance with applicable Client standards and conventions. These
are predicated on Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards (or equivalent
standard that is substantially similar). At a minimum, IEEE Standards 23065-2015, et al, WCAG, and
section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act shall be applied.
The Contractor will work with the Client Web Technology Team (WTT), in support of the Information
Technology Branch (ITB) Project Manager, and the web and application development support staff to
perform the web accessibility assessments to ensure that Client public-facing web content is in
compliance with specified accessibility standards, in accordance with CDT TL 18-05 (attached as
Exhibit B-6) and Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Section 25.

The Contractor shall:
a) Designate a person to whom all project communications may be addressed.
b) Attend and/or facilitate meetings as needed.
c) Provide weekly status reports on the progress with estimated percentage of work remaining
and inform management of any issues that require escalation.
d) Provide a monthly status report by the fifth calendar day of each month that documents
tasks/assignments and includes accomplishments for the previous month, work planned for
the upcoming month, currently assigned projects and activities, explanations for task and/or
schedule slippages, and any risks/issues/escalations that are being tracked.
e) Provide subject matter expertise on accessibility laws, regulations, and guidelines to Client
f) Comply with all applicable Client policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, Client
and industry security management guidelines.
g) Return all Client property, including security badges, prior to termination of the Contract.
h) Provide all electronic documents to Client in a format compatible with Client standard
applications (i.e., Microsoft Office). Client current standard applications include Microsoft
(MS) Windows 2013, MS Office Professional (includes Outlook) 2013, Visio 2013, MS Project
i) Verify that its applications are compatible prior to delivery of any electronic documents to
Client . The Client shall approve in writing any other format to be used by the Contractor.
j) Agree to upgrade versions of its software, if needed, at no cost to the State in order to remain
compatible with Client standard applications.
k) Provide paper deliverables printed on 8½” x 11” paper, to the extent practicable.
l) Post electronic documents to an Client designated electronic repository, i.e. a SharePoint site.
The electronic document format and media shall be compatible with Client storage devices.