Senior Project Manager & Senior Technical Lead

Partner with us!  This is an extensive proposal that requires a detailed description of the approach, sample work products and signed references.

The Client is contracting for a Senior Technical Lead (STL) and Senior Project Manager (SPM) to facilitate the technological strategic planning process for determining how IT can best benefit business outcomes and manage the project to transition all information technology services and systems from them to another agency, respectively. The STL and SPM provides leadership, vision, direction, planning, guidance, and mentoring for all staff participating. The STL and the SPM are responsible for delineating the vision for the next organization’s future, based upon an exhaustive search of current programs and policies. The STL and SPM reviews and documents the present group organization structure, its current operations and practices, and reviews all requests from stakeholders for new or planned services.The STL and SPM are the cornerstone of expertise for the group to transition into the new organization.

The State’s budget and economic situation is a critical factor in sourcing these efforts from the client’s perspective. At any time, the State may put on hold, cancel, or delay individual projects, or increase the number of projects during the term of this Agreement. Therefore, the Consultant(s) must be prepared to manage a larger or reduced portfolio as necessary.

Senior Project Manager Deliverables:
1 Project Management Planning
2 Project Execution and Controlling
3 Project Management Reporting
4 Technical Infrastructure Documentation
5 Project Closeout & Knowledge Transfer

Senior Technical Lead Deliverables:
1 Technical Strategic Plan
2 Reporting