Scanner Refresh Project


  1. The Bidder must have at least two (2) years of experience implementing scanning solutions for a government agency with over five thousand (5,000) employees within the last six (6) years.
  2. In response to this IFB, the Bidder shall provide to FTB, the details where their company performed similar types of services using the table provided in Exhibit 1 – Statement of Work, Section G. Minimum Requirements.

The Franchise Tax Board operates ten (10) high-speed scanners in its mail room operation used to capture, in electronic format, data from paper returns, payments, and correspondence. These scanners have either reached or will soon reach End-of-Life. The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to define the responsibilities of the Contractor for supplying and integrating nine (9) new high-speed scanners into FTB’s existing environment. FTB reserves the right to order more scanners throughout the term of the Agreement at the same cost as specified in this Agreement.  Items will be ordered on an as-needed basis.

The Contractor shall provide FTB with delivery, installation, integration, setup, and all equipment, labor, materials, parts, training and documentation for nine (9) high-speed scanners, hereinafter referred to as “Scanning Solution,” in four (4) phases. Phase one (1) and two (2) each include the delivery of a full scanning solution for three (3) scanners (for a total of six (6) scanners).  Phase three (3) includes the delivery of a full scanning solution for two (2) scanners. Phase four (4) includes the delivery of a full scanning solution for one (1) scanner. The Contractor agrees to provide FTB with preventive and remedial maintenance services for the equipment and software during the 1-year warranty period for each phase, which shall begin upon acceptance of all of the scanners in the respective phase, as specified in Section L. TESTING, USER ACCEPTANCE, AND COMPLETION CRITERIA.  (That is, the Contractor agrees to provide FTB with a total of four one-year warranties, one one-year warranty for each of the four phases, covering all of the scanners included in the phase.  Each warranty period may have a different start date depending on the date of acceptance of all scanners in the respective phase.)  The Contractor also agrees to provide FTB with, for each phase and covering all scanners included in the phase, one (1) year of maintenance coverage, to start upon expiration of the one-year warranty period for each respective phase, and an option to extend the coverage for a second one (1) year period, to begin upon expiration of the initial warranty period, based on the price offered in the Contractor’s response to this IFB.