SaaS Management Information System Upgrade

A) Purpose and Description of Services
1. The purpose of this Agreement is to implement a SaaS, Contractor-hosted solution that shall
manage each phase of utility conflict, property acquisition, relocation, property management,
and the relocation or modification of utilities and railroads. This solution shall replace current
software technology with modern technology that can meet the business requirements and
support future activities geared towards integrating selected technologies into the Caltrans

B) Minimum Qualifications for Proposers
Proposer shall have a minimum of three (3) years providing configuration services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) specific to the proposed solution requirements.
The project team shall include expertise and experience in the following areas and within the last
ten years:
1. Project Management
• Minimum: Two years leading SaaS implementation projects
2. Technical Leadership
• Minimum: Two years acting as a technical lead for SaaS implementations
3. Analysis
• Minimum: Two years providing analysis services for SaaS implementations
4. Infrastructure and Security
• Minimum: Two years providing infrastructure and security expertise on a SaaS
5. Data Management
• Minimum: Two years providing data management for SaaS implementations
6. Configuration and/or Programming
• Minimum: Two years performing configuration and/or programming for SaaS