SaaS Enhancement, Maintenance, and Operations Services


The EDD recently replaced the legacy online customer login portal, Benefit Programs Online (BPO) with a
new portal rebranded as “myEDD.” BPO was a custom-built, legacy application hosted with Oracle
Identity Management for authentication. The system was hosted on premises. With a focus on
modernization and “Cloud First” approach, the decision was made to leverage existing Salesforce
licensing to build the new myEDD Portal on the Salesforce Cloud platform, with Okta to authenticate
The EDD has identified the need for professional services to assist the EDD Shared Customer Portal
(SCP) Enhancements project (referred to as “SCP Enhancements”) with Maintenance & Operations for
the existing Portal and Enhancements.
The SCP Enhancements simplifies and streamlines the myEDD Portal (referred to as “Portal”) so that it
will be more user-friendly and accessible, which will make it easier for customers to access content in
different languages and dynamically sort questions to guide them to the appropriate EDD online services.
As the registered portal users benefit from these changes, EDD’s program integrity will also be enhanced.
The SCP Enhancements will benefit both the EDD customers and operations.
The State has conducted the initial discovery and system reviews to determine the scope and feature
requirements for the SCP Enhancements.
These enhancements require the Contractor to work with EDD leadership, EDD business stakeholders,
EDD technical staff, and additional external systems integrators. The Contractor will provide consulting
services on the Portal that include technical analysis and design, system integration, and system
development that provide the following three (3) Epics:

1. Enhanced User Administration: Enhance user administration functions for the EDD staff to more
effectively provide customer support.
2. Claim Intake Navigator: Implement an intuitive claims intake navigator which will prompt
customers with dynamic sorting questions to guide them to specific EDD services.
3. Enhanced Data Analytics and Reporting Capabilities: Enable EDD staff to provide enhanced
customer service Portal reporting by implementing Portal usage analytics, data aggregation and
reporting, and expanding analytics capabilities to include the current Portal platform analytic
The Portal utilizes the Salesforce platform to manage customers’ online accounts, including functions
such as user registration, login, password reset, and multi-factor authentication. The Portal is available to
customers in English and Spanish and integrates with a number of different EDD legacy systems and web
services. “Legacy System” refers to the .NET and Java solutions built by the EDD that integrate with the
Portal. The Portal also integrates with Akamai web security service, Red Hat API Management service,
and Okta Identity Management service.

Bidder Mandatory Qualifications

  • 4+ yrs experience as a system integrator for
    at least one (1) large US state
    government benefits system using
    SaaS technology that processes at
    least four (4) million claims per year.
  • 4+ yrs experience with managing large
    information system applications with
    over one (1) million end users yearly
    and consisting of complex technical
    designs/interfaces running a multitiered architecture including but not
    limited to:
    • A Salesforce portal or application
    • RESTful APIs and/or web services
    to access information from multiple
    interfaces and data sources
  • 5+ yrs experience performing Enterprise
    Architecture that includes interfacing
    technologies like Microsoft .NET,
    Java, Mainframe, external cloudbased SaaS applications like Identity
    Management (e.g. Okta), API
    Management (e.g. Red Hat 3scale),
    and ID Proofing solutions that provide
    fraud detection
  • 5+ yrs experience with Government or
    Public Sector as Primary Contractor
  • 5+ yrs of experience as a Project Contractor for a project where
    the contract value is at least

Bidder Desirable Qualifications

  • 2+ yrs experience working with EDD
    Benefits systems program processes,
    terminology, regulations, and
    automated system requirements.
  • 2+ yrs experience with design,
    implementation, test, and go-live for
    an EDD system or public facing
  • 2+ yrs experience executing Information
    Technology projects involving identity proofing

Staff Required:

  • Engagement Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Solution Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • Technical Lead


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