Oracle Data Reporting and Analytics


California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) utilizes a variety of Oracle
tools that access CDCR’s enterprise data sources for reporting purposes. CDCR is
contracting to augment existing Enterprise Information Services (EIS) staff to provide data
reports for easy analysis utilizing the Oracle tool set to several program customers, including
Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) to satisfy their reporting and analysis needs.

DRP is responsible for educational and rehabilitative programs, which are at the heart of
rehabilitation activity in CDCR. DRP’s goals are to:

 Provide effective evidence-based programming to adult offenders.
 Create strong partnerships with local government and community providers in the
areas to which offenders return in order to provide services critical to offenders’
successes while on parole.
 Establish and nurture collaborative partnerships linking Department facilities with
communities in which they are located.

DRP is comprised of the following:

Office of Correctional Education (OCE)

OCE is committed to preparing inmates for successful reintegration into their
communities in order to reduce re-victimization and recidivism. Thirty-two of CDCR’s 35
prisons maintain fully accredited schools that offer academic classes, vocational training,
courses in English as a Second Language, and library activities.

Office of Program Operations (OPO)

The OPO is responsible for offering substance abuse disorder treatment, employment,
reentry, and other parolee programs. The OPO is comprised of two divisions:

(1) In Prison and (2) Community and Reentry Services.

Office of Program Support (OPS)

Each unit within the Office of Program Support serves a critical role in the
implementation and improvement of the delivery of rehabilitative programs and the
development of processes to ensure program accountability and positive outcome
measurement. A previous project to implement an Oracle Endeca, Exalytics, Exadata
and GoldenGate (GG) environment has been completed with initial functionality. Oracle
Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) produces reports using Oracle Answer
and Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher tools. We will be upgrading the environment to
use Oracle Analytics Cloud services (OACS) along with Data Visualization (DV) or with
other compatible products and tools. Expertise in these Oracle tools is sought for this


The purpose of this Agreement is to provide access to additional data sources through the
Oracle Endeca application and additional Endeca user interface components. The Endeca
product will be upgraded to DV tools using the OACS (or other compatible products and
tools) due to Endeca extended support will end on July 31, 2020. This Agreement is also to
develop and deliver reports produced from OBIEE tools. The reports are expected to be
produced primarily for DRP staff and other CDCR business units as necessary.

The specific objectives of this Agreement are to:

1. Provide maintenance and operations of the Endeca service, including updating existing
software versions.

2. Upgrade the existing environment to OACS and DV (or other compatible platform or

3. Assist in creating an ongoing CDCR owned and staffed reporting service/capability
through knowledge transfer and documentation.

4. Assist in ensuring CDCR has the capability to maintain and operate the reporting service
independently by:

a. Providing User Guides and conducting end user training on the developed solutions.
b. Providing power user training to appropriate CDCR business and technical staff on
the skill sets needed to allow them to produce Endeca solutions and OBIEE report.
Also on the OACS and DV tools or other compatible products determined by CDCR.
c. Providing knowledge transfer to CDCR technical staff, including the maintenance
items in 2.C below, how to promote between environments, and ETL procedures.

5. Help CDCR leverage enterprise information through the implementation of additional
reporting and data mining functionality. The consultant will analyze customer business
needs, determine the appropriate CDCR owned tools and solutions that satisfy the
customer requirements, and produce work products (reports/analytic queries) using
those tools. The effort includes the development of functionality in an Oracle Endeca,
Exalytics, Exadata and GG environment and the development of reports using the
OBIEE environment. Since the Endeca extended support is ended by July 31, 2020,
OACS and DV or other compatible tools determined by CDCR.

Mandatory Qualifications
1. Contractor must have a minimum of two (2)
years developing Endeca and/or OBIEE
solutions. Contractor must have a minimum
of one (1) year on each platform
(OBIEE/Endeca) and have a working
knowledge of upgrading to DV tool under

Desirable Qualifications
1. At least three (3) years performing vendor
work within the State of California.
2. Experience working with CDCR data sources,including:
 Strategic Offender Management System(SOMS)
 Parole Violation Determination Tracking
System (PVDTS)
 Automated Reentry Management System Test of Adult Basic Education Database
 Correctional Offender Management
Profiling for Alternative Sanctions
3. Experience working with DRP, including:
 Office of Offender Services
 Office of Correctional Education
 Office of Program Accountability and
4. Experience working with CDCR subject
matter experts (SMEs) within the following
 Division of Adult Institutions
 Division of Adult Parole Operations
 Division of Rehabilitative Programs

 Enterprise Information Services
 Office of Research
5. Experience facilitating discovery sessions
and documenting requirements that include
applicable business rules.

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