Online Exam Consulting Services

Purpose of this RFI
The information gathered from the vendor community will be used by the state to
develop requirements that will appear in the procurement and contracting
document for the OLEP solution. The questions included in this RFI focus on
topics that are of particular interest to the state. The state welcomes answers to
all of these questions and any additional relevant information. As a potential
contractor or subcontractor, your input is valuable and may impact decisions
made in the development of the project.
The state seeks a vendor that can provide a robust platform for both developing
and administering State of California online examinations. The state will require
an integrated solution in which state staff and other users will have a single point
of contact for contractor services.

The California Department of Human Resources, Selection Division, creates and
administers civil service examinations for the State of California. Their primary
mission is to recruit high quality candidates using a fair and open process in
accordance with the laws and rules defined in the California Constitution.
The civil service examinations are comprised of several different types, not
limited to the following:
 Written (Pen and Paper)
 Online Training and Experience
 Online Timed Multiple-Choice
 Online Classification Series Exam
The Selection Division currently administers over 350 online exams to the public.
Selection staff own (create, design, and control) all examination content and
subsequently submit requests to CalHR IT for programming. CalHR IT programs
and maintains the examinations, as necessary.
The business objective is to implement a solution that will allow Selection
Division staff to build, create, and administer online examinations without direct
IT intervention. This will allow for greater efficiency within CalHR’s examination
unit and a more refined and accessible experience for applicants. Furthermore,
the new system should provide greater flexibility and advanced testing
capabilities based on the statistics and metrics obtained from administered
CalHR’s aim is to offer as many of the civil service examinations online as
possible. With the assistance of an OLEP solution, CalHR will better be able to
serve the public by providing an accessible and modernized examination