Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services


The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)/California Correctional
Health Care Services (CCHCS), seeks to engage the services of experts for continued
improvement in the quality and efficiency of health care processes utilizing the Lean Six Sigma
model, a nationally-recognized improvement model used by the health care industry and other
types of organizations as a structured means to identify, analyze and resolve quality problems.

Small groups of cross-functional CDCR/CCHCS staff trained in the Lean Six Sigma Model
have been tasked with analyzing existing processes, identifying gaps and opportunities, and
refining or developing new processes, written procedures, decision support, training materials
and Key Performance Indicators associated with sound management of health care
equipment and supplies.

The CDCR/CCHCS health care delivery system is supported by administrative functions that
enable day to day business operations, such as patient scheduling and meeting inmate patient
care and rehabilitation needs. CDCR/CCHCS is focused on putting in place the infrastructure
necessary to efficiently, and sustainably provide consistent inmate scheduling services,
across thirty-five (35) institutions (including remote locations) throughout the State of
California. Although CDCR/CCHCS oversees much of the same population, historically each
have not taken into account the requirements imposed by other program areas on participants
needing each of their services and patients have had to choose between these services.
These gaps in organizational infrastructure and processes are barriers to health care services
successfully transitioning back to State control.

To address this concern, CDCR/CCHCS is initiating a project that falls under the Integrated
Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) program. The major area of focus in this initiative
is the:
• Scheduling Initiative: Develop a standard health care method for the implementation
of a structured patient scheduling program incorporating case planning; integrate one
standardized approach for Medical, Nursing, Mental Health, Dental, Nursing Division
of Rehabilitation Programs (DRP), Inmate Work Assignments, and Volunteer
To streamline various areas within the department, CDCR/CCHCS and Division of Adult
Institutions (DAI) have executed and implemented various Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
projects and initiatives. Examples of these completed projects are listed below:

o Improve High Priority Specialty (14 Day Compliance)

o Case Planning:
 Reentry
 The Ducat Process

• Interface with several dissimilar but related systems:
o SOMS (Strategic Offender Management System)
 Contains patient assignments (i.e. education classes, job, patient
calendar, etc.) and movement information but cannot transfer data into
Electronic Health Records System (EHRS)

 Is the system of record that contains patient clinical information for
appointments, medication management, therapies, DME
 EHRS appointments can be populated into SOMS generating a Ducat
 Limitation in EHRS for group scheduling and program requirements

o EDRS (Electronic Dental Record System)
 Is the system of record that contains patient dental information
including appointments and medication management
 EDRS appointments can be populated into SOMS through EHRS
generating a Ducat

Proposals that do not meet the minimum qualifications stated in this section will be considered
non-responsive and will be rejected.
1. The Contractor’s three (3) proposed personnel, one (1) Project Manager and two (2)
Consultants must be Master Black Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma. Certificates must be
provided with RFP submittal for each proposed personnel.

2. Proposer’s proposed personnel, one (1) Project Manager and two (2) Consultants, must
each individually have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience performing Master Black
Belt level services.
3. The Contractor (if Corporation, LLC or Partnership) must be active and in good standing
with the California Secretary of State’s Office. Certification must be provided. The
Contractor (if Sole Proprietor) must have a valid business license. Copy of business
license must be provided.
4. Three (3) positive client references for Master Black Belt consultant services performed
within the last five (5) years, which are of similar size and scope of work to be performed
in the ensuing contract, must be provided on Attachment 4 – Customer References.
Proposers are responsible for ensuring that the References are available to respond timely
after the Final Date for Proposal Submission. The inability to confirm references, or if any
reference provides an unsatisfactory review, may cause the proposal to be rejected and
deemed nonresponsive.
5. Proposed Project Manager must have three (3) years technical expertise in
hospital/medical patient scheduling, and project management experience is required.