Grant Management System Consulting Services

Background and Purpose

OPR is seeking to solicit information and best practices from the supplier community to assist OPR in
determining what is currently available in the marketplace based on the objectives and requirements as
described herein, and to approximate the dollars that may be needed for a procurement. The intent of this
RFI is not to select a proposed solution or supplier. The objective is to perform market research that will
assist OPR to investigate alternatives to modernizing the current processes with a robust, cloud-based,
flexible Grant Management Solution (GMS) and assist OPR in the development of a procurement strategy
to facilitate modernization efforts.

Interested parties are invited to describe potential products and/or suggested approaches to assist OPR in
determining if a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), Modified-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS), integrated product set
(i.e., integration of multiple products), COTS Configurable, or custom solution would best address the
required functions described in this RFI. Multiple products may be described in the response. Section 2 of
this RFI describes the background, vision, and scope of the GMS.

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