ERP Software, Implementation, and Integration Support Services

Background and Purpose of the RFO

CALPIA’s requirement for a cloud-based ERP system is driven by the need to operate
all CALPIA’s enterprise operations and associated accounting functions with a highly
configurable system. Both CALPIA civil service staff and inmate employees will use the
new system; however, the inmates must not be able to access the internet directly.

CALPIA intends to implement the selected ERP system using an agile implementation
approach. Following any required base configuration, the implementation will be
managed as short sprints resulting in functional and tested software configurations
comprising core components of business functionality. The Contractor will act in the
technical lead role initially, transitioning to CALPIA staff more and more as the project
progresses. CALPIA’s intent is to shadow the Contractor’s implementation team to
learn the processes until CALPIA’s staff is able to perform them independently. At that
point, the Contractor’s staff will shadow CALPIA in an advisory role.

5.3.3 Similar Projects
Describe in detail your firm’s experience with similar projects to include, but not
limited to, the following as they relate to the services required:

• A list of three (3) projects completed within the past five (5) years that best
illustrate your firm’s capabilities as they relate to the required work described
herein, including description, scope, project, and cost.
• Information on delivery of projects on time and within budget, execution time
(contract vs. actual), cost (estimated vs. actual), as well as any problems
encountered, and the solutions devised.

6.4.1 Project Team Qualifications and Experience
Firm’s Technical Lead shall have experience in implementing ERP systems,
preferably with manufacturing, agricultural, and service industry experience.
Familiarity with implementing the ERP software solution for functional areas such as
Physical Asset Management, Customer Service Requests, Planning, and Workorders is also desirable. Technical Lead Qualifications
• Be a permanent staff employee of the firm
• Oversee all aspects of the project
• Serve as the constant primary point of contact for CALPIA
• Have a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience Key Team Members Qualifications
• A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience