Document Management System Modernization

A State Agency is implementing a modern and integrated content services software platform or loosely coupled application solution suite which embraces open industry services and standards.
• Implementing a solution that is cloud-friendly and cloud provider agnostic.
• Improving efficiency.
• Improving retrieval capabilities for deployment of new enhancements and mandatory
legislative driven changes.

Implementing a modern solution will allow the agency to take advantage of new opportunities
for processing varying and complex workloads. A modern application would allow the agency
to use an agile and responsive solution suite and extensible architecture responsible for:
• Imaging, data capture, business process automation management or workflow.
• Electronic file submissions.
• Document storage and security.
• Document lifecycle compliance.
• Purge, archival/retention.
The new solution should allow the agency to remain scalable, flexible, and competitive to meet
current and future document technology lifecycle management business needs. This should
include the ability to scan paper files and image, process, store, and retrieve electronic
documents. The agency seeks to fully realize the benefits of a solution that allows flexibility and
portability without the risk of vendor or proprietary technology lock-in.

In July 2019, the California Department of Technology (CDT) approved the Stage 1 Business
Analysis (S1BA) of the Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) process for the project. The
CDT’s PAL process consists of the following four stages:
• Stage 1: Business Analysis [S1BA] • Stage 2: Alternative Analysis [S2AA] • Stage 3: Solution Development [S3SD] • Stage 4: Project Readiness and Approval [S4PRA] The agency is currently developing the necessary information for the S2AA which will include
documentation to reflect the results of the market research performed by the agency.