Development Operations Support Services

A. Purpose
The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) seeks the services of a Vendor to
provide support services while the Department integrates into a software delivery
solution centered around Development Operations (DevOps) and continuous delivery, to
retire the existing hardware and software, and assist with new implementations for the
software delivery pipeline. Services include Infrastructure & Operations support for the
existing Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) and support during the transition into the
new Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CICD) model for software delivery.
The Vendor must be on the Department of General Services (DGS), Master Service
Agreement (MSA), Contract Number 5167010-001 to 331 and use the DevOps Engineer
or Technical Architect Classification.

B. Background
DCSS oversees approximately 1.6 million child support cases throughout the state of
California. DCSS’ mission is to promote parental responsibility and enhance the well-being of children by providing support services to establish parentage and collect
financial support. In 2008, DCSS completed the implementation of a statewide case
management system facilitating the work of some 6,000 child support workers
throughout California. California’s child support program is second in the nation –
representing more than ten percent of the federal support case load of fifteen million.
Services are delivered through a network of over 49 county and regional child support
agencies that serve over 3.2 million children and families annually. Having achieved
some organizational and technical stability, the department’s leadership chose to move
the organization forward, and to pursue next steps and new opportunities to maintain,
correct, and adapt the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system in a more consistent
and controllable environment and to position the system for longevity and ease of
continued maintainability. In early 2016, DCSS completed an operational assessment of
its technology services operations and has begun efforts to make fundamental changes
to infrastructure management and the system governance process that will enhance the
department’s ability to adapt to changing business needs. In alignment with the
California Department of Technology’s Understanding Agile guide, DCSS is transitioning
our development process to an Agile methodology. As part of this transition, DCSS has
recently began the transition into a new software delivery pipeline for a more continuous
integration and continuous delivery (CICD) system.

2. Services to be Provided
The primary objective of this agreement is to secure a Vendor to provide the DCSS with
configuration and implementation services to connect and configure the tools that support
the software delivery pipeline.