AccountMate Consultant Services

The State of CA Agency has released an RFO to acquire a Consultant with Visual AccountMate knowledge and experience to assist in upgrading its legacy Visual AccountMate application, data, and reports to a current Visual AccountMate version/service and migrating the data and reports.
The Vendor must provide qualified resource(s) that will work with the Agency using a Work Order Authorization process, an incremental approach, to review the legacy system, recommend an upgrade path, and upon approval, upgrade the legacy solution to the selected solution.

Minimum Requirements:
At least five (5) years’ experience with the Visual AccountMate application or products.
At least three (3) years’ experience installing and configuring the Visual AccountMate application.
At least two (2) years’ operating, maintaining, and enhancing the Visual AccountMate application, with specific emphasis on expanding functionality and developing reports.
At least two (2) engagements in migrating Visual AccountMate from a legacy version to a newer version.
At least two (2) engagements where data was migrated from a legacy Visual AccountMate Version to a newer version.

Desirable Requirements:
At least one (1) engagement in migrating an on-premise Visual AccountMate application to an AccountMate Cloud/SaaS solution.
At least one (1) engagement where a Visual AccountMate application was migrated from one version to a version that was greater than 1 major release newer, e.g., from Build 5 to 7.