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As a Media Analytics Engineer within the Media Architecture Group at Micron, you will be responsible for the development and integration of non-volatile memory (NVM) based systems, into Micron’s growing portfolio of system products. This is a key creative and development position where you will provide mentorship and direction globally, setting the vision for generations of future Micron products. As such, you are expected to be proficient with a proven track record in analytics and at least two fields NVM device architectures, NVM device physics, NVM channel development.


  • Work in a high-profile role within the Media Architecture Group guiding the media development of Micron’s future system products
  • Collaborate across Product Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Systems Engineering, Technology Development, Design, and business groups to perform advanced analytics to aid development of NVM based storage architectures for Micron’s future system products
  • Take a leadership role in finding opportunities for application of analytics, with a vision that is disruptive, and timed to align with system roadmap demands
  • Demonstrate and consult with advanced domain experts, influencing the future direction of Micron’s NVM and system products
  • Build tests, failure analysis processes, and methodologies that quickly and expertly produce media related solutions and results. Develop risk mitigation, and corrective actions to address potential NVM failure mechanisms
  • Drive successful test and reliability engineering programs that advance NVM in Micron’s system products
  • Set the bar for quality and excellence in design and test methodologies for Micron’s system products

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Technical expertise in analytics, I.e. statistics, probability theory, heuristics and machine learning
  • Technical expertise in NVM and channel development
  • Leadership competency on a variety of projects and activities within semiconductor industry
  • Experimental test development and data collection practices that enable interpretation and presentation of results that guide decisions advancing media and channel development and failure analysis
  • Demonstrate meaningful, accurate, and timely feedback to engineering and business partners, positively impacting their function
  • Successful partnerships with internal and external domain experts, advancing product development outcomes and setting the direction for future system products
  • Effective communication and interaction with remote development, manufacturing, and quality teams; improving existing and future product performance

Required qualifications:

  • Masters of Science (or higher) in Electrical engineering, computer science, data science (or a related field).


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