Systems Engineer

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Under general supervision, the Systems Engineer performs a variety of professional, technical and systems programming and/or systems administration duties involving the implementation and maintenance of software and hardware infrastructure that provides Citywide connectivity capability between different platforms that manage information technology resources and support the execution of automated applications. The scope of systems includes all computing platforms from PCs to mainframes and associated networks. Incumbents may be assigned to duties in any one or a combination of platforms, operating systems and associated products.


This journey-level professional classification is populated with multiple incumbents. The Systems Engineer performs a variety of routine network administration and systems programming duties in support of centralized and departmental operations,including computing platforms ranging from PCs to mainframes and associated networks. Incumbents may be assigned to duties in any one or a combination of platforms, operating systems and associated products. The Systems Engineer is the journey-level professional class for network administration and systems programming. Incumbents typically work alone on routine or regular work assignments. The Systems Engineer solves non-routine problems while referring only unusual matters to the supervisor.

This class is distinguished from that of the lower-level classification of LAN Administrator in that the latter focuses on performing such functions asperforms desktop software installation, debugging, testing and maintenance, documentation and upgrading; while the former performs similar duties in the more complex environment of network servers, mainframes, switches and routers. This classification is distinguished from the Senior Systems Engineer in that the latter is the advanced journey level with greater latitude in decision-making and greater responsibility in the areas of design and implementation.


General supervision is provided by and Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Supervisor, Principal Systems Engineer or department management staff.


The following duties are typical for this classification. Incumbents may not perform all the listed duties and/or may be required to perform related duties as needed.

  • Provides technical assistance and phone support to users with computer hardware and software problems.
  • Installs, tests, and maintains operating system software, proprietary application software and hardware infrastructure or connectivity capability; monitors and tunes systems for optimum performance.
  • Monitors network switches and routers, analyzes data and recommends solutions on citywide network connectivity issues.
  • Carries out system software installation, configuration and maintenance; identifies the need for and availability of downloads and applies software updates, patches, enhancements and fixes
  • Researches new problems/issues on vendors’ web for potential resolutions.
  • Configures and installs new desktop computers and servers; participates in cost/benefit analyses for new system software and hardware
  • Performs daily housekeeping tasks including adding, modifying and deleting of users, groups and objects for the Directory Service tree and/or other products in compliance with network security standards.
  • Performs other or related duties as assigned.



Knowledge of:

  • Principles of and current trends in information technology design and implementation across all platforms from PCs to mainframes.
  • Multiple operating systems, programming languages, tools.
  • Network architecture and design fundamentals.
  • Wide area network and local area network architecture and infrastructure; networking fundamentals, technologies and protocols.
  • Backup and recovery methods.
  • Fiber optics, wiring capacities/limitations and Intranet and extranet technologies.
  • Human factors design and man-machine interface and training needs assessment techniques.

Skill in:

  • Performing a variety of professional, technical and system programming and/or systems administration duties.
  • Using various operating systems and platforms that manage system resources.
  • Operating System installation, troubleshooting, programming.
  • Problem solving beyond a basic technical level.

Ability to:

  • Listen well and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems beyond the basic level.
  • Learn quickly and adapt to new technologies.
  • Train and mentor lower-level IT personnel and provide training to end users.


Three years of hands-on networking experience, systems administration or operating system programming in a multi-platform, large scale application and operating system environment. Prior experience must include the testing, installation, documentation, and maintenance on system software and hardware/network configurations.

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in computer science or a related field is preferred.


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