Website Clear Capital

Who we are looking for

    • Seasoned experience. 5+ years of web-based and mobile enterprise software development.
    • Research and communication. We solve problems. Before that can happen we need to understand the problem and the proposed solution.
    • Iterate and validate ideas. There are many different ways to solve a problem. There is a huge difference between “It’s working” and “It’s the right solution”. We want the right answer, not just any answer. To achieve this, we research solutions and iterate on them with key members of our team for validation of our ideas.
    • Quality standards and scalability. We have to be able to deliver on what we come up with. We need to be able to code our solutions following best practices and company standards.
    • Collaborate and growth mindset. Iterating and being able to come up with a solution makes half of a developer. We need to be able to work through other people’s solutions. We need to provide constructive feedback that makes not only our products better, but ultimately our developers better too.

Characteristics we are looking for and value in candidates

    • You are smart
    • You also get it wrong but know its ok and don’t blame others
    • You understand the cycles of developer life
    • You are flexible and open to others’ ideas and solutions, not just your own
    • You are nice, respectful, and awesome to work with
    • You learn new things at a rapid pace and you enjoy it

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