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The Data Architect is a leadership role within the Operations group’s Enterprise Data and Data Governance and Oversight team. As the Data Architect, you will be responsible for leading and managing all organization-wide data activities. The Data Architect will have responsibility for developing the quality requirements, documentation standards, and infrastructure specifications related to data and information assets. The position will focus on establishing and monitoring compliance to an enterprise data governance framework that includes data policies, standards and practices to achieve the required level of consistency, quality and protection to meet overall business needs. This role will work closely with key stakeholders throughout the organization to ensure effective roll out of the Data Program.


  1. Establish and help lead an enterprise data warehouse and governance activities. Deploy the enterprise wide data framework, with a focus on improving data quality, trust, scalability, and protection of sensitive data through modifications to organization policies and standards, principles, metrics, processes, related tools and data architecture.
  2. Through collaboration with business partners, define roles and responsibilities related to data and data governance, ensuring clear accountability for stewardship of the company’s principal information assets.
  3. Leading the implementation of an enterprise data framework, including aligning strategic organizational priorities with the development of information-based capabilities
  4. Serve as a liaison between business and technology areas to ensure that data related business requirements are clearly defined, communicated, and well understood and considered as part of operational prioritization and planning. Serves as an internal data, access, management and oversight expert to Golden 1 and champion’s data governance and data use best practices into all areas of the organization.
  5. Translate overall Data strategy into actionable business oriented data management strategies at an enterprise level and within specific process and data domains
  6. Develop and manage Key Data Elements(KDEs), Metadata Management, Business Glossary, Technical Metadata, Data Dictionaries and Data Architecture initiatives
  7. Develop governance roadmap and playbook, collaborate with business and data teams to define data domains.
  8. Ensure mechanisms are in place to monitor and control access to data and review/ implement data quality standards.
  9. Oversee access and provisioning by defining access permission plan, monitoring distribution of data from the domain, review data provisioning to authorized users, supporting data users as a SME (subject matter expert) of data in domain, negotiating data service agreements, and ensuring data access and provisioning comply with standards and controls.
  10. Keep management updated of data matters by developing action plans, budgets, schedules, and reports to improve data access and governance at Golden 1.
  11. Maintain a thorough understanding of state and federal laws and regulations related to credit union compliance appropriate to the position.
  12. Monitor current and proposed laws, regulations, industry standards, and ethical requirements related to security and privacy to proactively ensure Golden 1 is fully compliant in these new requirements.
  13. Research emerging data technologies for their application in Golden 1’s environments.
  14. Handle other duties as may be assigned.


  1. Effective oral and written communication skills required to manage and evaluate staff, create presentations, prepare reports, write recommendations, execute analysis, and accomplish other managerial functions listed.
  2. Must possess sufficient manual dexterity to operate an on-line computer terminal and other standard office equipment.
  3. Reliable leader with ability to maintain the highest level of integrity and trust.


  1. INTERNAL: All levels of staff and management.
  2. EXTERNAL: Members, vendors, suppliers, volunteers, external auditors, professional and community organizations, and law enforcement agencies.


  • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a Management Information Systems, Information management, Information Technology/Computer Sciences field.
  • EXPERIENCE: 10+ years in Data and Information Management. 5+ years’ experience in Financial Services and Regulatory Reporting


Knowledge of risk data architecture and technology solution. Knowledge of data governance practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets and approaches related to data protection. Experience in establish and utilizing performance management metrics for organizational performance monitoring. Ability to translate business and data governance requirements into technical requirements

Knowledge of typical data sources, transformation rules, and uses of the data for regulatory reporting

  • Experience in columnar relational data stores and NoSQL technologies.
  • Experience with big data tools traditional warehouses.
  • Experience delivering data pipelines and managing resulting data stores
  • Experience with modern data pipelines, data streaming, and using real time analytics tools
  • Strong technical writing experience


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