Revolutionizing Data with Azure OpenAI: Power of Retrieval Augmented Generation

1415 L St · Sacramento, CA 1415 L St · Sacramento, CA, Sacramento

***Please Use Source Link Below to Confirm Event Details***   Details Welcome and Introduction Briefly introduce yourself and the purpose of the meetup. Outline the agenda for the session. Future meetups Announcements Azure OpenAI Overview Title: "Azure OpenAI: A New Era in AI Capabilities" Brief overview of Azure OpenAI. Key features and benefits for businesses and developers. Comparison to Co-Pilot, when to use what Introduction to Chat GPT and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Title: "Chat GPT and RAG: Transforming Data Accessibility" Explain what Chat GPT is and its capabilities. Detailed explanation of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and its significance in AI. Overview of Architecture Demonstration of Azure OpenAI MVP with Chat GPT Title: "Live Demonstration: Chatting with Private Data Using Azure OpenAI and RAG" Walkthrough of the demo Enterprise Q&A Personalized Virtual Assistant Showcasing how RAG is utilized for interacting with private data. Use Cases and Applications Title: "Real-World Applications: Harnessing RAG in Various Industries" Discuss various use cases of Azure OpenAI and Chat GPT in different sectors (e.g., finance, healthcare, customer service). Emphasize how RAG enhances these applications. Q&A and Open Discussion