Free Python Course

Virtual / Online

***Please Use Source Link Below to Confirm Event Details***   Details Python stands out as the most used language for machine learning and AI which makes it extremely prospective. Always wanted to give it a shot, but hesitated? Now is your chance! In the course, I explain everything in simple terms and answer all your questions. You will expand your knowledge and will learn to code real projects. And you will determine whether you want to develop further into this field. We will create a community of ambitious, like-minded people. You will be able to communicate and get support each other, in our discord server. Check out our website for more information. As a bonus, with that knowledge, you will be able to participate in competitions, which will strengthen your college application. In the course, you will gain practical knowledge about: Python Basics: Explore the fundamentals, including variables, data types, and basic operations. Data visualization and Tkinter: Roots and buttons and their properties, simple packs, Event handling, Canvases and text fields, Images and animations Internet: Sockets and protocols, Servers/clients, Coding a chat, Sending files, RESTful APIs Bots for Discord: Creating the bot and adding it to the server, Making it respond, and creating commands. Flask and Web Development: HTML and CSS Basics, Python Web Frameworks (Flask), Creating a website. You will have 3 finished projects by the end of the course.