Blockchain Networks: Understanding Why Cardano is Built Different

Virtual / Online

***Please Use Source Link Below to Confirm Event Details***   Details The core movement behind this technology is looking at issues that are fundamentally human. Our property rights, agency, dignity, the right not to be lied to, and greater equality and inclusivity for a global community. One of the most significant obstacles to wide-spread blockchain and cryptocurrency use is an accurate understanding of its implications and purpose. This technology is tremendously powerful and it presents an opportunity to radically change our lives for the better; but that requires our collective interest and discernment to ensure it is being harnessed in the best interest of all. ________________________________________________________________________________ Please be respectful. Any behavior that would attack, threaten, harass, intimidate, defame, or be otherwise uncivil to anyone in the group is not welcome and will be excused from virtual meetings. The aim of this group is to host conversations and speaking events that unpack and explore the why, what, and how of blockchain technology and its many use cases including the most well known, cryptocurrencies. The Rules of the group: 1. All questions are valid and welcome 2. Every participant treats one another with dignity and respect 3. Honesty - speak your mind, it is okay (even beneficial) to have differences of opinion or perspective so long as expressed appropriately. Cooperative goals and learning aim to help: - Become familiar with terminology and concepts - Learn how to spot and avoid scams - Learn a methodical approach for identifying quality projects - Learn about the opportunities for passive income using verifiably safe blockchain technology and learning to assess & understanding risks. - Build informed & resilient community members, businesses, and non-profits Note: Scheduled groups begin timely out of respect for everyone's time and other commitments. Events with planned topics, talks, presentations, etc... will begin promptly, so please be on time or early to receive the most information. If you are running behind, we understand life happens and you are still welcome to join. The only caveat, or disclaimer if you will, is that once the event begins it becomes a little harder to notice when someone is trying to enter the room. So, please be patient while you await approval to enter. It has happened that the alert isn't noticed for many minutes, I am sorry for this, we really want everyone to take part. We ask your understanding that facilitating a group requires having one's attention on several things simultaneously and we don't always have a co-host to watch the "door". *We are open to members of the community presenting topics of special interest. Please send direct message to Group Organizer to discuss, and if approved organize the event.