Innovation labs take a gamble to improve city government

In July 2016, San Francisco came together with local nonprofits, several universities, and the federal government to launch a shiny new venture: Superpublic, an...


For the sake of California’s future, teach all kids tech

In California, we know the value of technology. Thanks largely to the world’s largest tech companies right in our backyards, California leads the nation in over...

Raley’s reins in shrinkage from expired products

West Coast grocer rolls out date check system to all stores Raley’s expects a sizable reduction in product shrinkage with the chainwide deployment of expiration...

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Available Consultants

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    Software Architect/Engineer – Part Time

    Software Architect with more than 25 years of software engineering experience. Focused on java but experience in many other areas as well. Excellence in guidance and mentoring of onsite and offshore teams. Has an MBA and is working on a Master’s in Data Science currently. Available part-time.

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    Project Management Professional, Requirements Manager, Business Process Architect, Business Analyst and Systems Analyst – Part-Time or Remote

    30 years experience in project management, analysis, design and development of software applications including working with numerous systems in a variety of business environments in both the private and public sectors.

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    Experienced Analyst with attention to detail.  Has an MBA equivalent and a background in Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

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    Senior Software/Hardware Technology Manager

    Senior Manager with 20+ years of leadership experience in software and hardware engineering with expertise in business processes, technology development, big data, predictive analytics, Cloud, and SaaS, in both startup environments and large engineering departments with 200+ staff.

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